Safone 2.0

Last November, we enthusiastically launched the V1 of our SAFONE app, ready to come face to face with the reality of the field and the feedback of our first users.

We've worked hard to create a V2 that lives up to everyone's expectations and today we're proud to announce the launch of SAFONE 2.0.

What's new? 4 major changes have been made:
- enter your destination address from the start
- choose up to 3 guardians per trip
- inform your guardians automatically of your estimated arrival time
- transmit your location to your guardians during your journey thanks to the check-in feature

And Safone naturally continues to:
- inform your guardians automatically of your departure and arrival
- turn your phone into an alarm if needed (remove your headset or press the "emergency" button)
- consume very little data and battery
- do not do live tracking of your location and your itinerary

SAFONE 2.0 is available on iOS and Android now! For users of the V1, a simple upgrade is enough.

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