Finally I no longer have to think of SMS Mom to tell her that I have arrived safely, Safone does it for me. Very cool. Thank you !!

Julie, 12 y.,

It has no value to be notified as soon as my daughter has arrived at school. Safone automatically sends me a message when it arrives. It's just great.

Marie, 43 y.,

My boyfriend has just bought a scooter to drive in town, and honestly : I'm always afraid that something happens to him! And if I don't have a quick reply to my messages, I imagine the worst horrors. As a result, I asked him to use Safone when he was traveling on two wheels, and even if it did not prevent a driver from doing anything, at least I do not have time to worry , and I breathe!

Valerie, 31 y.,

To go home, I have to take a small wooded path for a few hundred meters. During the day, it's quite charming, but in the evening it becomes rather scary, especially because it's not at all lit. With Safone, I am reassured to be able to activate an alarm if needed.

Christel, 37 y.,