I'm not a frightened person, but it's true that sometimes I walk into neighborhoods in which I am not very comfortable. As a result, I use Safone at that time, because I know I can activate a super powerful alarm on my phone, and make noise to attract people or scare people off.

Ludo, 19 y.,

With my girlfriends, we often meet in bars where there are people. So, when we arrive, we never know if the others are already inside. With Safone, it's convenient: first we receive our arrival time, and then as soon as we are there, wee are automatically notified!

Amandine, 24 y.,

I use Safone every day with my wife, to warn her when I leave my office. It's much faster than an SMS, and Safone calculates my travel time, so my wife is also informed of my estimated time of arrival. If I have slowdowns on the way, I inform her via a "check-in", to tell her where I am.

Olivier, 44 y.,

My son often worries about my travels, and does not like too much when I'm on the road. He has installed Safone on my phone, and I must admit that it is very easy to use! I encode where I go, I select my son as my guardian, and he receives a message automatically when I arrive. He is reassured, and I am not scolded because I forgot to warn him!

Monique, 72 y.,